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Pour up, Drink, Head Shot, Drink

Pass out, drink. Kendrick Lamar spoke these words. I can’t tell you how accurate they are when it comes to having a good time. If you don’t agree….. well, let’s sit down, drink, then agree to disagree.

Moving on!

Here on Maui, we surf, we watch sunsets, and we party. Don’t think so? Well it doesn’t really matter since you’re not the one writing. Anyways! After much deliberation with my drunk self, and trying to remember the previous nights when I woke up face down in a sandcastle, I give you my “Top Maui Nightlife” list!

Top Maui Nightlife

1. Little Beach

Here is a picture of Big Beach with a pretty little arrow! Look, I am not a photographer nor do I have access to one so I had to use a stock photo. Now, you might be asking, “But Scott, I want to see a picture of Little Beach!”. Well, you know what…. I don’t have one! That being said, there is a silver lining. Big Beach, and Little Beach are connected. You just have to climb a steep rock face, (See red arrow), and then poof, you are there.

Now, why did I choose Little Beach for a top nightlife activity? There are a couple of reasons: (Remember, you need to go at night, or all you’re going to get are nudists. I’m not kidding. That’s all there is during the day at Little Beach.)

  1. Dancing / Fire Spinning
  2. Drum Circles
  3. Alternative Maui Feel (That means it’s traditional / Hippie-ish)
  4. Nudists (If you’re into that kind of thing)

Location: Makena Maui

2. The Pint and Cork

So let’s start talking about how it stacks up to the top nightlife in Maui. Now, The Pint and Cork is a heavy contender, and what I mean by heavy are their heavy hands. This one time I ordered an Old Fashioned. You know, the one with the swirly orange peel and all? Well that drink was so damn strong, See the video to the left? That’s who I think my bartender was.

All jokes aside, I want to point out some great aspects of The Pint and Cork. They are located in the beautiful resort of Wailea, but not only that, they are located in the Shops at Wailea! Look it up. It’s a great outdoor mall. That being said, If you are staying at any of the hotels in Wailea, The Pint and Cork is well within walking distance. That way you can drink the night away, and still stay safe!

Now… What do I want you to take from all of this? I am going to itemize it for you.

  1. Great atmosphere
  2. Friendly staff
  3. Large selection of drinks
  4. Strong drinks (No watered down bottles here)
  5. Located in the center of Wailea.

Location: 3750 Wailea Alanui Dr, Kihei

3. Luau! (Especially the Old Lahaina Luau)

See that gif to the left? That could be you! Dancing in the middle of beautiful hula girls. Just make sure your significant other won’t mind. Trust me… It’s not fun when they do. Hotel couches aren’t exactly the most comfortable. Anyway! Luaus in Maui are special, and that is why we decided to put them on the Top Nightlife in Maui list. Why are they special you ask? The sunset! Maui is know for its sunsets, and every luau I have been to has had a spectacular view.

So what goes on exactly? Well, you get a lei, you get to eat a lot of food, the alcohol is free, and you get to watch hula! After all that, they usually have fire dancing. That’s my favorite. Also, here is a little fun fact regarding fire dancing. I recently found out that it’s not native to Hawaii. If you have every heard of the Old Lahaina Luau, they will not have fire dancing for this reason. That is the luau I would most highly recommend.

4. The Dirty Monkey

Thank you Ron Burgandy! I love scotch too, and that’s why I love the Dirty Monkey. They have one of the largest selections of whiskey on Maui. Now for those of you who don’t know, (I just looked this up maybe ten minutes ago) scotch and whiskey are very similar, so I will be using them interchangeably. I guess they are just different due to where they are distilled, so please don’t get confused by our friend Ron.

The Dirty Monkey has great parties and events. I would call them the “club” of Maui. So, if you like alcohol, multi-colored lights beautiful women and men, then this is the place! Another thing to note is that this bar is located in the historic town of Lahaina. It’s on the second story, so if I am not mistaken, you will have a beautiful moonlight view of the ocean.

Location: 844 Front Street, Lahaina

5. Sunset Dinner Cruise (My favorite is the Alii Nui charter boat)

For all you ladies out there, this one’s for you.

Imagine. You and your man. Enjoying dinner. Then. You look over to your right, and there is the setting sun. It is so beautiful. You take off your Maui Jims just to appreciate all of its glory (Notice the gif to the right?)

I am more of a party kind of guy, but I thought this list would not be complete without some kind of romance. I have been on this before, and it really is special. The food is spectacular, the drinks are plenty, and the staff really does care for you. As an added bonus, (Before the sun sets) you get to see turtles, dolphins, or the occasional whale depending on the season.

There are many charter boats that offer these excursions, and sure, you can go on TripAdvisor and check it out, but here is my recommendation. The name of the charter is the Alii Nui. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

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Joseph Rothstein

Thank you for the article Top Maui Hotels. Makes me want to do 2 things: Drink, and get to Maui!

February 7, 2019 at 8:39 am
Top Maui Hotels

You know what drinking, and going to Maui have in common? They both lead to gooooood times.

I didn’t mention this, but be sure to try a Mai Tai at the Monkeypod Kitchen. It’s a tradition for me to get one on the weekends.

February 7, 2019 at 6:04 pm
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