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Top Things To Do

Top Maui Hiking

Maui’s natural beauty is best explored on foot and hiking gives visitors the chance to discover the island’s beauty from pristine coastal shorelines to some of the tallest volcanic peaks. Whether a novice or an expert hiker, you’ll be rewarded on Maui’s trails with wonderful hidden waterfalls, lush forests, rare plants, native birds, and unbelievable views. There are many types of hikes, Maui offers something for almost every skill level.

Top Maui Golf Courses

Golfing on Maui has to be one of the top things to do with all the great weather and island views. Depending on where you choose to golf, you have multiple layouts in microclimates on mountain courses and beach courses. Most courses are geared for the traveling clubless golfer so you don’t need to drag your clubs to Maui, you can simply rent a pretty nice set.