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Epic Experience Maui

Epic Experience Maui

Private adventure tours of Maui

Created and ran by Emily Machernis, Epic Experience Maui has grown into a spectacular business specializing in personalized tours across the island of Maui. It has garnered over 227 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, as well as other 5-star reviews among different platforms. They are considered one of the best tour guides in the 808 (Maui County). Why is this? I believe it has to do with the fact that they focus on one group at a time. This allows for a tour specifically tailored to what you NEED, not a predetermined run-of-the-mill route.

Our journey began by meeting our guide, Christian, in Paia. Once my wife and I arrived in the public parking area by city hall, we were kindly greeted by Christian and his 13-year-old poodle, Joline. After the usual pleasantries, we jumped into the cozy van and began our trip on the Road to Hana.

About 10 minutes into the drive, we lost cellphone reception. This will happen to just nearly everybody traveling to the rural part of East Maui. Thinking back, this made the trip that more enjoyable. There were no distractions, and it allowed us to get to know Christian and his poodle. It was now that I was able to explain exactly what I was looking for — I wanted an adventure off the beaten path. I wanted something unique and memorable!

Twin Falls

As we drove, we passed the Twin Falls, a famous waterfall on the Road to Hana. I remember asking Christian why we didn’t stop since this was a spot everybody comes to see! His response was, “It’s cool and all, if you want somewhere to take your grandma.” At that point, I knew we were in for a treat. About 10 minutes up the road, we stopped at a small turnout. From there, we got out of our van and headed down a rocky trail. We hiked along a stream, which eventually led to a towering waterfall. This waterfall must have been 60 feet tall.

After gazing at this waterfall, I decided it was time to go swimming. Once you jump in, the cold water just takes your breath away.  Christian led the way as we swam. We found ourselves in a small cave by the falls. There, we relaxed and walked over to stand underneath the waterfall. After swimming and sitting in the cave, we made our way down to a smaller waterfall. There, Christian stood on the edge and jumped in! I waited a bit to see if he was still alive. After a few seconds, he eventually poked his head out of the water. My wife and I then jumped off the ledge. I have to say 20 feet looks a lot taller than it sounds. When you jump, you can feel your stomach go right into your chest. Next, we headed to the Olivine Pools.

Olivine Pools

After our relaxing walk amongst the tide pools, we made our way to the Red Sand Beach. Do be careful about parking; there are very few spots, and many tickets are handed out daily. Luckily, Christian knew where to park.

Red Sand Beach

Although the hike is short, it can be dangerous. It’s along a cliff edge, and many people have slipped and fallen onto the rocks below — again, be careful! That said, the Red Sand Beach is beautiful. The sand is red (hence the name), which is unique, but what really struck me was the clarity of the water! When I say “clear,” I mean the typical edited Instagram picture clear. Lastly, people frequently roam around nude here – so if you bring children, just keep that in mind.

Lava Tube

While driving to our final destination, we encountered a lava tube on the side of the road. Christian suggested that we explore it, and that’s precisely what we did! Cold and wet, we made our way through. By the end of our exploration, we realized that the tube was one giant loop leading back to our van. Using vines to climb out of the cave, we ended our detour and got back on the road.

One Last Waterfall

I wanted to see one last waterfall before we headed home. On the way back, we noticed one across the road. By this time, it was starting to rain. Although we were cold, we decided that it may be worth the effort. After swimming and one last jump into the water, it was time to say goodbye to the Road to Hana.

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip on the Road to Hana. We couldn’t have been happier with our guide and the unique sites he showed us. When you take tours in Maui, it is essential to find guides who will offer you a personal experience and something to remember. Epic Experience Maui provides just that, but make sure to contact them before you arrive on the island. The tours fill quickly. You can reach them at (808) 866 – 4499. Another option is to book through their website:

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Epic Experience Maui

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