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From going on adventurers’ hikes on the dormant Haleakala volcano to soaking up the sun and relaxing on a gorgeous beach, Maui’s unique gifts will surprise and fascinate you at every turn.

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Whether you are taking a gap year, a career break or only looking for your Next adventure in Maui, we are here to make sure you are only choosing the best for your time here. Packed with Top Lists detailed descriptions of all of the top hotels, things to do, restaurants, beaches, bars and more to help you plan the most memorable vacation.
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Discover some of the most popular places and things to do in Maui

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Montage Kapalua Bay

Located in Kapalua Bay, the Montage Resort has 24 acres of pristine oceanfront property with panoramic views of the beach and ocean. This high-end residential-style resort has everything you could ever ask for and more with daily live music, performances, various dining choices, excellent guest amenities, art shows, beautiful swimming pool and relaxation areas, proximity to the beach, and all the additional luxurious conveniences you can think of. They will tend to all of your needs and go above and beyond to make sure that you have the very best stay.

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We all have different needs, different expectations and It can be hard finding the right hotel, restaurant or activity for you when most information is Generalized. At Top Maui hotels we want to help you make your vacation more comfortable. Maui is a place where you should escape the stress and pressure of your everyday life, and we want you to enjoy every single moment of it.

Our Top Lists are diverse, tailored for different individuals with different needs and will give you an insight into the best things Maui Can offer you.

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